Safety & Handling

Are your tattoo's non-toxic?

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Absolutely. We adhere to the safest possible guidelines during manufacturing for our staff and our customers. We are certified non-toxic and would be happy to provide documentation upon request.

Could I have an allergic reaction?

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Every individual is unique. While we can't speak to your individual situation, we can say that we haven't seen it yet. If you do find yourself having any type of adverse reaction (itching, swelling, redness), we recommend consulting a medical professional immediatly for further instructions.

Are your tattoos safe for kids?

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Of course! As parent's ourselves, we've found our temporary tattoos to be a fun way for our kids to show their own unique interest and styles. Whether it's fun for a party, a costume, or just a fun way of expressing themselves, our kids love using temporary tattoos and so will yours!

What ages can use temporary tattoos?

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Because our tattoos are certified non-toxic, they are safe to use on any age. While you might not want your infant showing up to Easter dinner with a full back tat, that wouldn't be out of the question. Our temporary tattoos are safe to use for all ages.

Durability & Care

How long will my tattoo last?

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While each tattoo is unique, we've found they can last up to 14 days if you take care of them. Your unique lifestyle and activities will dictate how long they actually last, but 7-10 would be average.

Will my tattoo come off in the shower or swimming?

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The great news is you don't have to worry about your tattoos disappearing anytime soon. Our patented process for making our temporary tattoos means they won't wash off with just water so you can go to the beach or pool and practice good hygiene without worrying about losing your temporary tattoo.

How do I make my tattoo look more realistic?

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Have you ever noticed the shine on a temporary tattoo? We did too. The good news is that can easily be removed by applying our shine reduction gel. This will flatten your tattoo giving it a more realistic look against your skin. Don't be shocked if people think your tattoo is actually permanent. That happens all the time.

Temporary Tattoo Removal

How do I safely remove my temporary tattoo?

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Temporary tattoos are designed to naturally fade between 7-10 days (but lasting up to 14 days in some cases). When this happens you may need to help it along by applying rubbing alcohol or another alcohol based (and skin safe) product to remove the temporary tattoo.

Will my temporary tattoo naturally fade?

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Yes. Because our tattoos are not permanent, after a certain amount of time they will fade or begin to scrape off. This is due to the natural oils and deterioration of your skin cells. When this happens you will find it fade, peel, or fall off. We recommend using rubbing alcohol (or another skin safe alcohol based product) to help remove the remainder of your tattoo in order to help it along. If you've finished removing your previous tattoo your skin is now clean and prepared to apply another temporary tattoo.


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