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How To

How To Apply A Temporary Tattoo


1. Prepare a bowl of clean, warm water and a clean cloth ready to be used as you apply your temporary tattoo (having a second set of hands to help you is nice too).

2. Make sure that the skin where you are going to apply your temporary tattoo is clean and dry. Wash with warm water to remove any oils, lotion, dirt, sweat, etcetera. It’s important that the skin be nice and clean! (this may also include hair removal from certain areas)

3. Remove your temporary tattoo from the clear package and find the perfect spot on your body to place it. Make sure you like how it lines up and that it’s in the perfect spot to be seen.

4. Remove the clear plastic sheet that protects your tattoo from damage and then place the temporary tattoo face down against your skin in the desired spot.

5. Take your clean cloth and warm water, get the cloth damp and place this over the tattoo to moisten it.

6. Make sure the entire area of the tattoo is damp and gently brush the back of the tattoo with the warm, damp cloth. You will begin to see the tattoo appear through the white paper. Continue this process for 30-60 seconds or as long as needed for larger temporary tattoos.

7. Carefully remove the white backing paper from your tattoo and allow your temporary tattoo to dry for 8-10 minutes.

*DO NOT APPLY to areas of sensitive skin, skin with a rash, broken or unhealthy skin.

*Be careful to avoid rubbing or scratching at the area covered by your new temporary tattoo as this will cause the tattoo to rub off prematurely. With proper care the awesome tattoo you got from can last 3-5 weeks! Now go make your friends jealous :)

*Our Temporary Tattoos are Waterproof, but prolonged exposure to hot water (like long hot showers, pools, baths or hot tubs) will cause them to wear off faster than normal. After bathing or prolonged exposure to water, gently tamp until dry with a soft cloth or towel.

How To Remove A Temporary Tattoo

1. Soak a cotton ball or foam sponge in baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

2. Gently scrub the temporary tattoo with the soaked cotton ball or sponge until it comes off.

3. Apply more baby oil or rubbing alcohol as needed.

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