Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Vacation

Whether you are going to the beach or on an urban exploration, it’s always a good time to bring your fake arm sleeve tattoos on vacation. A temporary tattoo is a fun way to express yourself and debut a new look. Vacations are always an opportunity to try new things. 

A fake arm sleeve can help you:

  • Stand out from the crowd;
  • Try a new style on your vacation;
  • Look great in photos with an eye-catching sleeve;
  • And experience the fun of a tattoo without the painful application.

Plus, a fake arm tattoo sleeve can save you money. Instead of paying for a real tattoo that you might regret, you can buy one that’s perfect for your vacation. Here’s how you can accessorize your vacation with fake arm sleeve tattoos:

Types of Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Vacation

There are many different types of fake arm tattoos, so you can easily find the right one for you. You will find both half and full sleeves in a variety of designs. If you want to start small, you can choose a half-sleeve option. Or, if you want to make an even stronger impression, you can go all in with a full sleeve. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fake arm tattoos. 

Tiger and Fox Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

There are many designs of fake arm tattoos available. Whether you have something in mind or you’re open to ideas, you’re sure to find something. Are you stumped for ideas? Here are some common fake arm sleeve designs:

  • Flowers and plants;
  • Skulls and flames;
  • Religious symbols;
  • Movie characters;
  • Motivational quotes; 
  • Birds and wildlife; 
  • Cars and trucks. 

Once you choose a fake arm sleeve design to display on your vacation, you can apply it and get ready for your trip.

The application is painless and easy.  Before you know it, you’ll be on your way with a fresh fake tattoo. 

How To Apply Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos Before Your Vacation

Planning for a vacation can be stressful, but applying your fake arm sleeve tattoo will be a smooth process from start to finish. Start by cleansing and exfoliating the spot you’ve chosen for your tattoo. Then, apply it carefully and leave it to dry. You’re done and ready to show off your new tattoo! 

How Long Do Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos Last On Vacation

Your fake arm sleeve tattoos can last between ten to twenty (10-25) days depending on care. If you take good care of your tattoo, you’ll be able to enjoy it longer. Your tattoo should be kept dry and free from lotions or other products, and you should avoid shaving or exfoliating the area where your tattoo is placed. With proper care, your tattoo will last for your vacation and beyond (for up to twenty-five [25] days). 

Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos At the Beach 

If you’re looking to hit the waves on your vacation, you can still show off your fake tattoos. A tropical tribal tattoo or an exotic flower design is perfect for a beachside paradise. You’ll truly be living the island life! 

Silver Skull Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Of course, you should make sure your tattoo is safe from the sun, sand, and surf. This may sound easier said than done, but you can protect your tattoo by wearing a loose shirt or a large sun hat. You’ll protect your skin and your tattoo at the same time— it’s a win-win! 

You don’t have to stay on shore with your fake arm tattoo. Our tattoos are water-resistant and won’t come off from splashing around in the ocean. So, enjoy your vacation and dive in!

Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos In the City

Doing a little urban exploring on your vacation? A fake arm sleeve tattoo is a great way to add some street flair to your style and take the city by storm.

Choose a dramatic design like a skull or flames to really turn some heads and get the locals talking. 

If you’re in the city for a tournament or sporting event, you can choose a fake arm tattoo that matches the team’s colors. You’ll show off your fandom and look good while you do it! 

Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos On Family Vacation

The whole family can get in on the fake tattoo fun. That’s right, there are designs for kids too! From superheroes, to unicorns, and more, your child will find the perfect tattoo for their vacation. They can even choose a design with their favorite color or character. Plus, fake arm tattoos last a lot longer than children’s temporary tattoos, so your child can enjoy their tattoo longer. 

Fake tattoos are safe for all ages, so everyone from grandma to the new baby can enjoy one. It’s sure to be a sight at the family reunion! 

Another way to make some memories on your vacation is to get matching fake arm tattoos for everyone on your trip. With the whole family inked up, you can take a truly memorable family photo! 

Where To Buy Fake Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Vacation 

Choosing where to buy your fake arm sleeve tattoos can be a big decision. You can’t trust just any online shop. After all, you want the best quality result for your vacation. Well, look no further than right here on We’re the world’s largest retailer of temporary tattoos. With so many options and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to fit your style.

Our tattoos come in all sizes and can be applied in many different places on the body. Whether you’re looking for a sleeve or any other kind of fake tattoo, we have what you need. 

If you’re planning a trip soon, find your fake arm sleeve tattoos for your vacation today! 

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