Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females Are the Best

The extensive range of fake tattoo sleeves for females can seem dizzying to even the most passionate tattoo enthusiast. This overview will put those fears to rest as we take you through the different types of tattoo sleeves and the things you need to think about when deciding which ones to buy. 

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide that won’t leave you wondering if fake tattoo sleeves for females are the best.

All About Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females

Fake tattoo sleeves for females are temporary tattoos or articles of clothing that give the wearer the appearance of having full sleeve tattoos. The different varieties of temporary sleeve tattoos for females come with a wide array of characteristics and options for you to choose from, depending on what plans you have for your grand designs.

Dragon and Koi Temporary Tattoo Sleeve for Females

Types of Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females

There are several different types of fake tattoo sleeves for females which form four general categories:

  • Decal temporary tattoos: Applied to the skin with water and are usually washable with soap and water. Choose a cohesive sheet design instead of a series of individual tattoos for a full-sleeve tattoo look that is easily and quickly applied.
  • Fake tattoo pens: Often gel-based instruments that look like felt pens. You can draw with these pens freehand, directly on the skin. Unlike temporary decal tattoos, fake tattoo pens do not include pre-formed patterns. However, stencils can create beautifully intricate designs when used with tattoo pens.
  • Henna tattoos, or Mehndi: Similar to temporary tattoos but tend to last longer and stay on your skin for weeks. Like fake tattoo pens, henna tattoos are applied freehand using a tube of henna ink.
  • Fake tattoo sleeves for females: Made of cloth so that, when they are worn, they give you the appearance of having authentic, permanent tattoos. Often made of nylon, the sleeves are flesh-toned to blend in with your natural coloring and typically covered in artwork that extends from your wrist to shoulder.

Understanding how different fake tattoo sleeves for females are made and applied can help you decide which ones to buy. For example, the decal varieties are better for women that want an elaborate or professional-looking design they can easily apply. 

In contrast, fake tattoo pens provide more flexibility for artistic wearers wanting to explore their imagination freehand.

How Long Do Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females Last?

How you care for your temporary sleeve tattoo can influence how long it lasts. After applying a non-cloth, fake sleeve tattoo for a female, lifestyle and physical factors are going to play a big role in influencing how long your tattoo will last. 

On average, fake tattoo sleeves for females last for between seven and ten days. Still, they can remain visible for up to 14, depending on the natural oils and deterioration of your skin.

Why Wear Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females?

Cost is often frequently thought of as a reason for wearing fake tattoo sleeves for females instead of being permanently tattooed. However, this can be less of a barrier than some personal and health-related risks associated with tattooing.

Job Concerns

Some occupations or employers set specific requirements for how their employees dress. These may include barring workers from wearing visible tattoos. In these cases, temporary tattoos can give the appearance of permanent tattoos but are removable so you don’t risk your future or current job getting inked.

Working with Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, no doubt you have questions and concerns about applying temporary tattoos. A good tip is to look for brands that are certified non-toxic and to test a small tattoo on your skin first to see if you have an adverse reaction since everyone is unique.

Blossoms on Black Temporary Tattoo Sleeve For Females

Other women deal with more severe skin reactions and may be allergic to permanent or temporary inks or color additives. When choosing fake sleeve tattoos for females, you often have access to the list of ingredients used that you might not otherwise have with a permanent tattoo. If at risk for an allergic reaction, fake tattoo sleeves for females are a safer alternative.

Blood-Borne Diseases

While it may seem obvious, permanent tattooing carries the inherent risks of passing on blood-related diseases as the process of tattooing punctures the skin. 

Fake tattoo sleeves for females offer a much safer alternative to permanent tattooing if you are concerned about the transmission of blood-borne diseases.

Preventing the transmission of conditions such as HIV is one of the reasons why permanent tattoo artists have such comprehensive hygiene requirements.

Choosing the Right Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Females for You

Of course, there are other considerations to think about to find the perfect fake tattoo sleeves for females. For instance, environmental factors, such as where and when you will be wearing the tattoo sleeves, can help you decide which will last the longest or be the easiest for you to wear.

Sleeve Length

Length is vital when you consider which fake tattoo sleeves for females are the ones for you. So, make sure that the decal sheets and sleeves are the correct lengths for your arm, neither too long nor too short. Alternatively, if you are purchasing individual decals rather than a sheet decal, check that they form a cohesive design when you apply them.


If you want to make a big splash at the next neighborhood pool party, you might be worried about your temporary tattoo sleeves. Some sleeves are less waterproof than others, although some manufacturers use their own patented processes to waterproof their temporary designs.

Most fake tattoo sleeves for females are also resistant to sweat but less resistant to other chemicals like chlorine. If you are trying to remove a temporary tattoo early, rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based products can help speed up the removal process.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we walked you through everything you could need to know about choosing and wearing temporary sleeve tattoos for women. Choosing fake tattoo sleeves for females will now be a breeze. There are so many designs to reflect your unique style and keep you looking cool, classy, or anything else you would like to be!

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