Fake Sleeve Tattoos Before You Get the Real Thing

Fake sleeve tattoos are a great way to explore the possibilities of body art without a long-term commitment. Tattoos allow people to express themselves and, along with clothing and accessories, help them to create their unique style. Tattoos are not for everyone, and there are plenty of reasons to be hesitant about getting a permanent one. Fortunately, there is a way to experience having a tattoo without having it on your body forever. 

Fake sleeve tattoos allow trying out different designs and ideas without the pressure of permanence! Temporary tattoos are no longer just for kids; they have become fairly common among adults who, for many reasons, might not be willing to get a permanent tattoo. Why get a temporary tattoo sleeve? Temporary tattoo sleeves are:

  • The best tool for helping people decide if they want to get a permanent tattoo
  • Perfect for vacations or summer fun
  • Great for trying out new ideas

Whatever your reason may be, temporary tattoo sleeves are your best way of having a trial run before committing to permanent ink. With a fake sleeve tattoo, there's no need to visit a tattoo artist before being specific that you'll be happy with the result. Temporary tattoo sleeves are a painless and cheap alternative that can help you determine your style and figure out how you'd like to express yourself.

Why Get a Temporary Tattoo Sleeve?

Unlike a fake sleeve tattoo, getting a tattoo is a big commitment. Imagine the disappointment someone might feel if they spent money on a tattoo, weren't satisfied with how it turned out and had to be stuck with it for the rest of their life. With temporary tattoos, like a fake sleeve tattoo, you can test out as many different designs as you'd like with no commitment. Experimenting with fake tattoos before getting a real one will help you decide if you want to have a specific design on your body forever. 

Colorful Full Sleeve Temporary Tattoo

There are other reasons to consider fake sleeve tattoos, too. Real tattoos are done using tattoo needles, which come with the risk of infection, rash, skin irritation, or pain. Temporary tattoos eliminate each of those risks because they eliminate the need for a needle. A fake sleeve tattoo is non-toxic and safe for all ages. 

Temporary tattoos are also much cheaper than permanent tattoos, even a fake sleeve tattoo that covers your whole arm. The application process is quick and easy; it's quite similar to the temporary tattoos you might remember from your childhood.

Additional Uses of Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming more popular than they ever have been. According to Allure, thirty percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. The way people look at body art is changing, and tattoos are now seen as a fashion accessory, like jewelry or a pair of shoes. You can easily apply unique body art to match any outfit or spice up your appearance for a party or special event with temporary tattoos, like fake sleeve tattoos.

Just like changing your clothes to convey a specific feeling or vibe, temporary tattoos can readily be put on or taken off in a matter of minutes. You can also enhance a Halloween costume with temporary tattoos, like a fake sleeve tattoo. Or, you can even prank a friend or family member into thinking you got a full sleeve tattoo

Perhaps you're going on vacation and want to sport some body art, like a fake sleeve tattoo, while laying on the beach but don't want to deal with the hassle of getting one or the permanence. Temporary tattoos are a great alternative either as a trial for potentially getting a real one or just to wear for the sake of temporarily having a tattoo. Plus, a fake sleeve tattoo won’t need to be kept out of the sun like the real thing!

Who Are Fake Sleeve Tattoos For?

Temporary tattoos, from small designs to fake sleeve tattoos, can be for everyone! As stated in an article from The Atlantic, they are designed for the "tattoo-curious," or those who are toying with the idea of getting a tattoo. They range from simple designs to more complex temporary tattoo sleeves, making them an option for anyone interested in tattoos. There's no limit to what you can find or even design yourself!

There are plenty of reasons for people to be wary of getting permanent tattoos. For example, some religious beliefs do not condone tattoos. Maybe you're afraid of needles, or perhaps you come from a strict, traditional family who would not approve of a tattoo. Whether you want to try out a simple design or a full sleeve fake tattoo, temporary tattoos are a viable and safe option for people of all ages.

With varying durations, temporary tattoos give people the chance to see what it's like to have a tattoo. Most will naturally fade after about two weeks, but they can be removed earlier with some rubbing alcohol and scrubbing. 

If you've ever wondered how you'd look with a rose on your forearm or a skull and crossbones on your bicep, there is a way to find out without committing to it forever. The best part is that if you don't like it, it can be gone as quickly as it appeared.

Trying a Fake Sleeve Tattoo Before a Real One

As permanent tattoos become more common in our society, temporary tattoos, like fake sleeve tattoos, will also become more common. It's becoming more acceptable than ever to sport multiple forms of body art, so it can be expected that temporary tattoos will rise in popularity, too. When all your friends are running off to get their new tattoos, yet you're unsure about how you feel about the permanence of it all, you can join right in on the fun without the pressure of a lifelong decision. 

Permanent tattoos are great. They look fantastic, give off a cool vibe, allow people to express themselves, and send a specific message based on the person and what their tattoo represents. Fave sleeve tattoos allow people to reap all of these benefits but grant them the freedom to remove and reapply as they please.

After trying out different styles, you may find one that suits you that you want to have on you permanently. That's a big decision, though. It's best to wait until you know you're ready, which is why experimenting with temporary tattoos is the perfect way to figure out what you truly want.

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