Full Sleeve Fake Tattoos for Fun

Full sleeve fake tattoos saw a rise in popularity a decade ago, but recent years have seen an increased spike in popularity. People want to emulate celebrities, and even many employers are starting to be more accepting of their employees getting them. However, a tattoo requires serious commitment, and not everyone is ready for that. That’s where a full sleeve fake tattoo comes in!

  • Get comfortable with how you look with a full sleeve tattoo.
  • Test out multiple tattoo ideas.
  • See how others react to your sleeve before it’s permanent.

Getting a sleeve is not a decision one should make lightly. It is a lifelong commitment, and as a result, getting a fake tattoo, like a full sleeve fake tattoo, first can be a good idea. You do not want to wake up a year later regretting a tattoo, especially if it’s a full sleeve.

Why Should You Get Full Sleeve Fake Tattoos?

A full sleeve fake tattoo might not be appealing to everyone, but it has its benefits. They allow people to test out different ideas, and they don’t require commitment. Plus, you don’t need to worry about dealing with the pain of actually getting the tattoo with a full sleeve fake tattoo.

Aztec Princess Fake Tattoo Sleeve

You Can Test Out Ideas for Permanent Tattoos

Before the invention of full sleeve fake tattoos, there was no way to test how you look with a sleeve. Now with full sleeve fake tattoos, you can test out several ideas so that you can choose your favorite. There’s no reason to commit to one idea when you can use full sleeve fake tattoos to test out several options.

They Look Good and They Don’t Require Commitment

Some of you might be worried about how full sleeve fake tattoos look compared to permanent options, but you don’t need to worry. Fake sleeves are nearly indistinguishable from permanent tattoos, making them great options for people that are scared of commitment.

You Don’t Need to Deal with the Pain

One of the biggest problems many people have with tattoos is the actual process of getting them. There’s no denying that they hurt to get, but some people have higher pain thresholds than others. One person isn’t better for having a higher pain threshold; everyone’s body is different.

People that have a lower pain threshold might have avoided tattoos altogether in the past, but now that isn’t necessary. If you fall into that category, you can now enjoy all the benefits of having a tattoo without needing to deal with any of the pain that comes from getting real ink with a full sleeve fake tattoo.

Things to Consider When Getting a Full Sleeve Fake Tattoo

There are a few things to consider when you get a fake tattoo, especially one as large as a full sleeve fake tattoo. Notably, you need to know that there are two major types of fake tattoos.


  • Sheet/Sticker tattoos - These typically last for 3 to 7 days.
  • Fake tattoo sleeves - These are nylon sleeves that are worn like a shirt.

One type is not better than the other, but you need to figure out which option is better for you. Which option you choose will affect where you can get your fake sleeve, and what options are available.

Blue Koi Temporary Tattoo Sleeve

However, when comparing sheet and sticker sleeves, most people prefer sheets. Stickers peel easily and can cause allergies in some people. Conversely, sleeves are more convenient and can even last up to 10 days if they’re designed by a high-end artist.


The length might not be the first thing you think about when shopping for full sleeve fake tattoos, but it is an important factor. Predesigned fake sleeves might not fit your arms, so you will need to exclude those options. Most fake tattoo sleeves are 16 to 18 inches long.

If your arms are shorter or longer than average, you probably will not be able to buy predesigned options off the shelf. Instead, you will need to consult with an artist to design you a full sleeve fake tattoo.

Machine-Washable or Waterproof

Depending on the type of fake sleeve you get, you will need to make sure that it is machine-washable or a waterproof full sleeve fake tattoo.

If you get the type that is worn like a shirt, you should make sure that it’s machine-washable. If it is not, you will have a lot of trouble cleaning it. 

You should always read the instructions before washing it because they typically have specific wash instructions. You do not want to end up in a situation where your sleeve shrinks or the color fades. It could even rip if you wash it with too much heat.

If you go with a sheet or sticker sleeve, you need to make sure it is waterproof. Otherwise, your tattoo will start to wash away the first time you take a shower. 

Most tattoos are fine with shower water, baths, and even sweat from working out. However, most artists will tell you to avoid pools and oceans because chlorine and salt can damage the tattoo.

Ideas for Fun Full Sleeve Fake Tattoos

Now that you have all the information you need regarding fake tattoos, you will need an idea. Thinking of an idea can be the most difficult part of the tattoo acquisition process. Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider that should spark an idea or two.

Something Sporty

If you’re a sports fan, think about getting something related to your favorite sports team? Did they win a championship recently? Do you have a favorite player? What was your favorite moment? All of these can be good ideas to center a tattoo around.

Animal Print

Animals are good focal points for tattoos. Many people opt to get sleeves of fierce beasts like bears and lions, but you can also use a tattoo to commemorate a pet.

Floral Sleeves

They might not suit everyone, but floral sleeves are very popular. Tell your artist you want a floral sleeve and they’ll design something for you.

Celebrate Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Another idea is to show off your personality with a movie or TV show theme. You can get very creative here, so don’t be afraid to consult with your artist. These can be some of the most popular full sleeve fake tattoos.

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