I Love My Temp Tattoo Sleeve

I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for so long, but I’ve had such a hard time figuring out what I would actually want to commit to. Luckily for me, getting my first temp tattoo sleeve was so much fun and has definitely given me the confidence to look into getting a real tattoo. 

What I love about my temp tattoo sleeve: 

  • I can try out different styles
  • I can get seasonal tattoos or tattoos to match specific costumes or outfits
  • It’s way cheaper than getting a real tattoo
  • It’s less of a commitment than an actual tattoo
  • It lasted for over three weeks

Even though I’m considering getting a real tattoo, I think I might try out a few more temp tattoo sleeves before I finally take the leap.  

Why Get a Temp Tattoo Sleeve?

There are so many reasons I got my temp tattoo sleeve, but the number one reason is cost. Tattoos are so expensive, and I’ve just never been able to convince myself to spend the money on something I’m not sure I’ll love for the rest of my life. 

Monroe on Skull Temporary Tattoo Sleeve

My temp tattoo sleeve was so cheap and lasted long enough that I really feel like I got my money’s worth. 

I also love the idea of trying out totally different styles of temp tattoos and switching between more traditional black and white tattoos and colored tattoos.

What’s the Best Part of Getting a Temp Tattoo Sleeve?

By far, the best thing about my temp tattoo sleeve is the flexibility it offers. I had so much fun having my temp sleeve on vacation for a few weeks with my friends. Plus, it was completely gone the next month when I went to a family wedding that my great-grandmother attended. 

I got a black and white temp tattoo sleeve for my first try, but I can’t wait to get a more colorful one next time.

There are so many half-sleeve and full-sleeve temp tattoo options, and I just can’t help but feel like I want to play around with a few more alternatives before committing to a real one.

Who knows, maybe the temporary tattoos will be enough for me, and I’ll have satisfied my urge to get a tattoo after a few more tries!

Blue Demon Temporary Tattoo Sleeve

Either way, having so much control over what kind of temp tattoo sleeve I want to have at any given time is awesome.

Final Thoughts

Getting a temp tattoo sleeve was such a fun idea, and I even pranked a few friends the first few days I had it and told them it was real. 

I love that I can branch out and rock styles of art that I would never actually get as a permanent tattoo but still want to try out for a while. Wearing temp tattoo sleeves almost feels like dying my hair in different colors. 

Although getting a temporary tattoo has convinced me that I’m ready to get a permanent one, I definitely want to try out a few more temp tattoo sleeves before I go for the real thing!

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