Temporary Arm Sleeve Tattoos Are Great For Parties

Every tattooed adult was once a child covered in temporary tattoos, and now you can get temporary arm sleeve tattoos that look as good as the real thing. But why would you choose a temporary sleeve tattoo over getting a real one in the first place? Here are a few reasons people choose temporary tattoos:

  • You aren’t ready to commit to a permanent body modification.

  • You don’t want to pay the high price tag of a real.

  • You’re worried about the risk of infection that comes with traditional tattoos.

  • You don’t want to endure the pain of multiple hours of tattooing.

  • You want to present a particular “look” at a party or event but don’t need it to last forever.

There are plenty of reasons people choose temporary sleeve tattoos, and all of them are perfectly valid. Here’s why you should stock up on temporary arm sleeve tattoos for your next party.

Temporary Arm Sleeve Tattoos Are a Great Conversation Starter

Sleeve tattoos are always a hit at parties. People are naturally fascinated by the style, commitment, and pain that goes into getting such a large piece of ink done, whether they have tattoos themselves or not. 

Full Sleeve Tattoo in color

When you walk into a room full of strangers with a full or half-sleeve tattoo showing, you’re almost guaranteed to be surrounded by a curious crowd before the end of the night. It’s a great way to break the ice and meet new people.

They’re Perfect for Costumes

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore. People throw parties with all kinds of themes for different events and occasions. A temporary sleeve tattoo is a perfect accessory if you want to show up at a costume party dressed as a rockstar, pirate, or biker.

But tattoos are expensive and permanent. Most people would agree that making that kind of investment and commitment for a party costume doesn't make sense. Temporary arm sleeve tattoos can give you the same look at an affordable price.

Temporary Sleeve Tattoos Are Good for a Test Run

We’ve all heard stories of tattoo regret. Studies have shown that 12 percent of Americans with tattoos regret getting at least one of them. While most people are happy with their tattoo choices, a lot of tattoo regret can be avoided by trying on a temporary tattoo first.

Dragon Mask Temporary Tattoo Sleeve

If you’re thinking about getting an arm sleeve tattoo, get a temporary one first and wear it out to a party with all of your closest friends. You’ll get lots of comments and observations from the people around you, which will help you decide whether making it permanent is the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore. Today's temporary arm sleeve tattoos look as good as the real thing, with none of the downsides. There’s no commitment, no pain, and no risk, and they cost less than a night on the town. Try on a temporary tattoo sleeve before your next party and see how it makes you feel.
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