Why Get a Temporary Half Sleeve Tattoo First

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Contemplating going full throttle and getting a half sleeve tattoo? Need another drug-experimenting or motorcycling euphemism? No? Then, welcome to the tattoo zone, my friend. 

You are about to journey into the realm of the bold and the brave (and a strangely upbeat Rod Sterling monologue). Before you do, though, let’s examine what is all entailed to make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead. 

All Seeing Eye Temporary Half Sleeve Tattoo

Getting a tattoo requires preparation. You’re getting visual art inked into your skin. Although permanent tattoos can be removed, you should (especially if you're hesitant about the pain involved or at all unsure about the final design) try a temporary tattoo first. 

It is a challenge to select the right permanent tattoo. Especially, when you factor in the time, cost, and pain. 

Did you know it typically takes three sessions and nine hours to complete a man’s half sleeve tattoo? Three sessions. Nine hours. Under a sharp, pointy needle. So, if you're hesitant about the pain involved or at all unsure about the final design, the idea to try temporary half sleeve tattoos first may be worth serious consideration.

Like sampling at an ice cream shop, temporary half sleeve tattoos give you time to try one (or potentially several) tattoo designs without all the pain and expense of permanent tattoo removal. Don’t worry, the temporary half sleeve tattoos discussed here are not the ones you used to rub on your hand from the gumball machine.

There are a myriad of temporary tattoos on the market now that can fool even the best tattoo artists. Just think of the Hollywood action films you’ve seen where the leading celebrity rocked a full tattoo panorama in one movie. Then, they were photographed that same day on set with completely bare arms.  

Temporary half sleeve tattoos afford their wearer the benefit of playing the field. Explore your options without the long-term commitment. Some friendly advice, though - Don’t try this in the dating world unless you love drama. Anyway, let's weigh the options.

Roses Temporary Half Sleeve Tattoo

A permanent half sleeve tattoo (which is a tattoo that covers half your arm, by the way) takes three sessions and nine hours to complete. A temporary half sleeve tattoo takes seconds. 

A permanent half sleeve tattoo typically runs between $200-$2000, depending on the style, color, size of the arm, and the graphic artist. A temporary half sleeve tattoo runs for under $100. Although not permanent, sometimes temporary half sleeve tattoos do last a couple of weeks.

Bottom line - if you’re thinking about getting a half sleeve tattoo (but you're not ready to commit to a permanent relationship with one), give temporary half sleeve tattoos a try. Allow yourself the time to explore how many designs feel (and look, more importantly) on your arm. 

Especially if a permanent tattoo makes you anxious about what design you want or the strain on your bank account. When it comes to tattoos (unlike relationships), not committing is a good thing.

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